Latitude 61, LLC


    Private Fine Dining Club in Anchorage, Alaska

Who We Are

Latitude 61, LLC is an idea that a group of professionals in Anchorage, Alaska saw as a need to serve the client who expects outstanding culinary service while relaxing in a private club environment.  Privacy and service are our two most important qualities.

Susie Von Willer Linford has over 40 years of catering experience, providing upscale catering services from Southern California with clients as Disney Studios and Warner Brothers Studios, to South Central Alaska. 

In Anchorage, Alaska, she has identified a need for corporate and private clients to host events outside their home, without the intrusion of their privacy, as one would expect when dining in a public restaurant or venue.

Susie is the Managing Member of Latitude 61, LLC.  She will oversee all of the food and beverage operations on a daily basis.

Susie is also a proud Chickasaw Native American

Hilde Cain is a registered AIA Architect, and a Member of Latitude 61, LLC.  Hilde has provided the architectural design and concept of the building.

Brad Campbell is a financial professional with one of the major oil companies located within Alaska.  Brad is a Member of the Latitude 61, LLC., and oversees all financial aspects of the company.

Chris Linford is a registered Engineer with the State of Alaska, and a Member of Latitude 61, LLC.  Chris will oversee all of the engineering services during the construction of the building.

Paul Winkler is a proven Construction Manager and will oversee all phases of the construction of the building.  Paul is also a Member of Latitude 61, LLC.

Treg Taylor, is an attorney licensed with the State of Alaska, is the legal counsel for Latitude 61, LLC.

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